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Products Handled
◆Powder processing
◆Various soda products
◆Chlorine compounds
◆Fluorine compounds
◆Acid alkali products
◆Phosphorus compounds
◆Inorganic pigments
◆Inorganic Filler

Japanese Pharmacopoeia PP Talc, P Talc, R Talc, DR Talc
  High filler, SP, PK, LMR, high rack
  Hightron, TC Talc, SG, HOEPIN
◇Silica (Takeori Business Works Co., Ltd., Silica Product Distributor)
  Sand Silica Sand Quartz Sand
  Silica Powder
  Ceramic Sand SERUBEN
  Clay cement clay
  For sand premix aggregate 

  Dry river sand
Dust low generation, food addition, thickening action,

  Thixotropy, trimethylsilyl
  Octylsilane, dimethyl silicone oil

◇Diatomaceous Earth 
  Radiolite, Selite
  Dry pulverized products, wet pulverized fine particles,

  surface treatment mica
◇Organic Bentonite 
Benton, Esben
◇Purified Bentonite 
◇Barium Compound
◇Aluminum Compound
  Heidi light, alumina, aluminum hydroxide
◇Magnesium Compounds
  Kyowamag, Kisma, Non-halogen flame retardants
  Micromugs, synthetic hydrotalcite, acid-receiving agents for rubber
Civil engineering and construction
  Concrete admixtures

    Fluidizing agents, high-performance AE water-reducing agents,
    water-dissed admixtures
Premix Mortar

◆Domestic Kaolin (Pyro ferrite kaolin Pyrophylite)
  Kaolin JP100, 5M Kaolin, NN Khao Linkley
  Hard Sil, ST Khao Linkley, Catalpo
◆Calcium carbonate
◆Active clay
◆Acidic clay
◆Synthetic Silica Magnesia Adsorbent Nikka gel M
◆Synthetic silica alumina adsorbent Nikkagel S
◆Anti-thickening sedimentation for solvent addition lipophilic clay Nickagel L
◆Flotite (wastewater treatment agent)
◆Nikka pellets (hydlotizer for art)
◆Silica gel
◆Calcium sulfate whisker (gypsum whisker)
◆Barium sulfate
◆Purified bentonite (adsorbent)
◆Sports line materials
◆Organic solvents
◆Organic acids
◆Organic pigments
◆Food additives

Rare earth, titanium oxide for photocatalysts, polyethylene powder, aluminum nitride substrate
 Solder resist, phosphor, phosphor, phosphor
・Conductive quality
 (Conductive zinc oxide, carbon black, graphite, copper, nickel, silver, aluminum, gold, platinum)
・Fibrous and needle-like materials
 (Carbon fiber, aramid fiber, phenolic fiber, vinylon, chemivest, whisker variety
 Potassium titanate, sepiolite, chiramo weaving, calcium sulfate fiber, ATTAPULGITE)
・Hollow material (pearlite, silica balloon, silas balloon)
・Food emulsifiers (surfactants, defoamers, antibacterial agents)
・Conductive resin material (for circuit contacts, adhesives)

Own Products
OEM liquid roducts Mixing, commercialization, subdivision, shipment, etc.
FUEL and Supplies for RC (Radio Control) equipment Manufacture of high-quality products based on our special blending technology
Chemicals for teaching materials Responding to mass production utilizing chemical filling system
Others Chemical products for semiconductor-related, water treatment-related, soil improvement, Pollution prevention, etc.



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