Business Description -Toshin Kasei-

Business Objectives

  1. Manufacture and processing Sales, of chemicals
  2. Sales and manufacture of poisonous and deleterious substances
  3. Sales of pharmaceuticals
  4. Sales of physics and chemistry equipment
  5. Sales and manufacture of electronic products
  6. Manufacture and sales of foods made from vitamins and saccharides
  7. Business related to the all above items

License Registration

  • General sales of poisonous and deleterious substances
    Tokyo Governor Registration Number 1111-325

  • Pharmaceutical sales
    Tokyo governor permission number 1111-198

  • Poisonous and deleterious substance manufacturing industry
    Chiba governor registration number 57th

  • Poisonous and deleterious substance sales business
    Chiba governor registration number 1330

  • Cosmetic manufacturing license (general cosmetics)
    Chiba governor registration number 12CZ200273

Sales Items

Inorganic chemicals
  Various soda products, chlorine compounds, fluorine compounds
  Acid-alkali products, phosphorus compounds, inorganic pigments, etc.
Organic chemicals
  Organic solvents, alcohols, organic acids
  Plasticizers / stabilizers / organic pigments / additives, etc.
Own products
  Semiconductor-related chemicals, waste treatment-related chemicals,
  teaching materials-related chemicals
  RC fuel, RC products, special paint



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